All-Purpose Cordless Screwdriver That Meets Your Light-Duty DIY Needs

All-Purpose Cordless Screwdriver That Meets Your Light-Duty DIY Needs

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Ryobi HP44L 4V Lithium 200 / 600 RPM Quickturn Screwdriver w/ Charger

Brand: Ryobi
Tool Type: Cordless Screwdriver
Special Features: Two position settings

The cordless screwdriver by Ryobi has proven itself to be a useful addition to my toolbox on multiple home improvement projects. It fits comfortably in my hand while providing adequate power to tackle jobs that a manual screwdriver would be used for. It has two position settings: the standard “pistol grip,” and the straight screwdriver. It can power through jobs with its 2-speed gearbox, and features a forward, reverse, or lock option. The lock option allows you to use it as a manual screwdriver, a feature that comes in handy when a screw is easily stripped if too much torque is applied. It came in handy while I was repainting my front door this summer. The paint job stretched over several days, and the door hardware needed to be removed and replaced each time. I was able to do this with ease thanks to the fact that I could hold my hand steady and keep the longs screws that attached to the lock in place while the screwdriver did the turning. This cordless screwdriver should not be confused with its older, beefier, cousin… the drill. It does not have the torque to screw in an untapped hole. It is meant to replace a manual screwdriver, and it does that job well, without breaking the bank.

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