American-Made Laptop Backpack

American-Made Laptop Backpack

Brand: Duluth Pack
Style: Laptop Scoutmaster
SKU : B-514-OD
Color : Khaki
Would I buy it again: YES
Use case: Work, School, Travel, Hiking, Everyday
Price: $240.00

I was in the market for a new backpack to carry my laptop to and from work. I was replacing a bag that had served me well for 4 years of daily use. My search ended when I found Duluth Pack’s Laptop Scoutmaster. The bag is constructed by hand with a sturdy 15 oz. canvas. The interior has a 19 liter capacity with a padded laptop sleeve and a zippered pocket to store small items like keys or USB sticks. The backpack is secured with a top flap that folds down and can be buckled with two leather straps. The outside has two side pockets which I use to store water bottles and my cell phone.

Thanks Janet!

Those awesome features are what lead me to choose that particular backpack style, but what attracted me to the company itself were their core values. All of their products are manufactured in Duluth, MN, and have been since 1882. Each bag comes with a white tag that tells you the name of the person who made it for you. If you go to the “meet your craftsperson” page on Duluth Pack’s website, you can talk directly to that artisan and tell them just how much you love your bag. HOW COOL IS THAT?!

Duluth Pack offers a lifetime craftsmanship guarantee on their products, which speaks for itself in terms of quality. An American-made backpack that is both stylish and durable. What more could a girl ask for?

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