Dust-free drywall sanding, is it possible?

Dust-free drywall sanding, is it possible?

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I’ve been working on a renovation project in my living room/dining room/kitchen area, which includes mudding and sanding drywall. I decided to try out the Hyde Dust-Free Drywall Sanding Kit to help cut down on the clean-up time.

I wanted to see how well the vacuum sander captured dust. For the test, I compared the amount of dust created using a basic hand sander to my new Hyde sander. I taped off the floor into two 50″ sections along a half wall in my living room. Section A was done with the basic hand sander, and I used the Hyde sander for section B.

The Hyde sander setup was simple and took about 10 minutes (including carrying the vacuum up from the basement). Once the parts were out of the box, I did the following:

  • Loaded the sanding screen onto the sander
  • Attached one end of the 6′ hose to the hand sander, and the other end to my Rigid wet/dry vac using the adapters that came with the sanding kit
  • Put on my respirator, plug the vacuum in, and start sanding!

Section A (basic sander) had a large dust pile against the wall, and the dust was visible 12″ away from the wall. Section B (Hyde sander) had significantly less dust collected against the wall, and very little dust was visible 6″ away from the wall.

I was extremely happy with the results of the Hyde sander: less dust during the sanding process means a faster clean-up.

Towards the end sanding the half wall, I noticed that more dust was left behind. I checked the sanding screen, and the mesh was completed clogged with dust. I took the hose off of the hand sander and vacuumed the screen. Problem solved! I continued on to the rest of the drywall using the Hyde sander.

While the sander does not meet the claim that it is “dust free,” it certainly reduced the amount of dust particles roaming free in my living room. I would recommend this to any DIYers working on a drywall project. It helps keep your work area clean while sanding, and reduces the clean-up time afterwards.

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