The MUST HAVE Garden Tool For Backyard Growers

The MUST HAVE Garden Tool For Backyard Growers

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Korean Hand Plow

My mom purchased a curious looking tool from a local garden shop, and asked if I wanted to try it out in my own garden. After the first use, I was hooked and immediately got one for myself. Besides pruning shears, The Korean hand plow (also called a homi) is the only tool I need in my garden. 

I use it to turn over the soil in the springtime and to clear out the remaining brush from last year’s garden. I noticed that it requires less effort to move dirt using this tool. Because of its unique design, the pointed edge easily penetrates through the soil and glides along a planting row like a knife through butter. It maneuvers the soil to one side and clears a path for itself due to the curved blade surface. I also use it to dig holes for transplants. It has a flat side that can be used for mounding or redistributing soil. It easily navigates around delicate stems to turn the soil and dig up weeds.

The Korean hand plow is a versatile, well-designed garden implement that needs to be in every savvy gardeners tool shed.

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