FREE Modeling Software For Hobbyists and Startups

FREE Modeling Software For Hobbyists and Startups

As an engineer, I use 3D modeling software daily. It’s an integral part of my job, and is equally important for my at-home projects. Anything that I’m going to build gets drawn up first so I can see how to parts will fit together and create an accurate cut list.

A new floating desk for my at-home office

At home, I use Fusion 360, an Autodesk product that is free for hobbyists and start-ups generating less than $100,000 per year in total revenue. As an added bonus, when you download the software, you can choose which software package you are most familiar with. That way, the shortcuts and mouse movement will be automatically configured to the setting you are used to.

My latest project was a new desk for my office. I designed a desk that wrapped around two sides of the room and gave me plenty of working area. I wanted to have a floating desk so I could move from one part of the desk to the other without bumping into table legs.

A sketch of the angled desk supports in Fusion 360

All the typical features you expect with a sketch (trim, fillet, pattern, mirror, offset, dimension, etc.) are available and easy to use.

After extruding the sketch, different materials can be downloaded to change the appearance of the new part, and the parts can be joined together to make an assembly, like you would expect with other modeling programs.

You can turn your 3D parts into professional-style drawing to print out and color code, because why not?

The FREE Fusion 360 software can be downloaded here. Keep scrolling to see how the desk turned out.

The furry site supervisor made sure I took my mandatory breaks every 5 minutes to pet him.
The finished product!

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